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Welcome to Endefr, the entity deployment framework. With Endefr you can build complex, hierarchical entity graphs by using overridable and extensible configurations. Endefr gives you fine-grained control over and flexibility of the configuration, and helps to maintain an overview of the structure of your application.

A more detailed explanation of the capabilities and how to use them is described in the manual.


We are particularly proud of our logo, because every aspect of Endefr is represented by it:

With Endefr you can build complex, multidimensional structures
Heterogenous blocks making up a 3D cube.
Endefr handles entities from primitives to large components
The cube is made up out of differently sized blocks.
Endefr does not require implementing an API
The cube is made up out of shaped blocks.
The configurations are modular, overrideable and extensible
The cube is made up out of multiple colors representing multiple configuration locations.
Endefr is a basic building block for applications
The overall shape is simple.

Release information

To get started with this version of Endefr, read the release notes. If you want more detailed information about what has changed, read the change log.

Project information

Home page

All documentation, for users and developers, can be found on the home page of Endefr. This is also the place to look for the lastest news about Endefr.

Discussion lists

If you are a user of Endefr we advise you to subscribe to the users mailing list. If you have a problem other people might be able to help you out, and we appreciate if you help people with problems.

The Endefr team will also monitor the users mailing list and use the questions asked to improve Endefr and the documentation.

Issue tracking

If you found a problem or have an idea for a feature or enhancement, add an issue to the issue tracker. This is better than posting it to a mailing list, as this way it wil not get lost among the other mailing list traffic.

The issues tracker has a number of categories to which you can assign an issues. Not all of them are relevant for users, so here is a list of the relevant ones. If you are not sure to which category to assign an issue, set the field to None and the Endefr team will assign it to the right category. The following categories are relevant for users:

The project page of Endefr at SourceForge.net