Development documentation

Development tools

The number of required development tools needed to build Endefr is small: JDK 5 and Ant. But in the same document you can find our recommendations for others to make development a lot easier.

Project structure

When you want to make changes to Endefr, please get to know the project structure.

Version numbers

Endefr uses elaborate version numbers. Each version number gives you an indication of the code quality and where the (pre)release came from.

CVS structure

Endefr will use parallel development branches so we can work on a new version while providing fixes for the current version. A specific CVS structure is needed to support this.

Release management

To prevent different artifacts with the same official release number from being distributed, Endefr has a strict release management policy.

Coding standards

The Endefr coding standards describe what programming constructs are required or disallowed, the naming policy, and how the code should be formatted.


Help is very welcome, so we will be glad when you want to start contributing. Before you do read about how we prefer to receive contributions and other things you should know about contributing.

Project team

If you want to know who you have to contact directly for comments, problems, etc. have a look at the list of members of the team.

The project page of Endefr at